• Our Menu

    Taking inspiration from the classic steakhouses and grill rooms of American cuisine, our menu spotlights local culinary favorites. You can't go wrong with a good steakhouse for a special occasion or celebration. Celebrate with us for you next event or gathering.


    With offerings including our signature hand-cut steaks and the best seafood, presented with the outstanding service that Farraddays is known for, dining with us makes any day a special occasion.

    Hours of Operation

    New Year's Eve 3-Course Meal

    Sunday, December 31, 4:00pm - 10:00pm

    Wednesday & Thursday:
    5:00pm – 9:00pm
    Friday & Saturday:
    4:00pm – 10:00pm
    Closed Sunday - Tuesday

    Reservations are highly recommended.
    Please call (573) 730-7777

    Isle Casino Cape Girardeau makes every effort to review guest requests and comments, please note that these requests are not guaranteed. We cannot hold your reservation for more than 15 minutes beyond your reservation time. For more information, please call 573-730-7777.

    Make Restaurant Reservations the Easy Way

    Seasoned to perfection

    Not only will you be mesmerized by our entrées, you'll feel welcome the moment you step into our stylishly warm and inviting restaurant.

    Setting the mood

    We've set the tone for an evening to remember, in a space designed to enhance every one of your senses while you enjoy an amazing dinner.

    Featured Chef

    The truth is that it’s hard not to be surprised by Executive Chef Ray Leung, beginning with his impressive résumé, which includes executive chef positions at five major casinos and resorts over the past decade. Still, the route to Chef Ray’s culinary expertise has unexpected roots. “I always tell people I’ve had the most upside-down career path,” says the chef. “I started out as a graphic artist. My bachelor’s [degree] was in art. But coming from Hawaii, which is a food mecca, my uncle had a restaurant, and so while I was going to high school and college, I was the wok cook, and then got my certification in Japan as a wok chef.” Chef Ray has “never wanted to be in a box” and when you see the places he’s worked – from Asia to the Midwest – as well as the cuisines he’s mastered – from French fusion to farm-to-table – it’s clear that there’s no box that could contain this culinary maestro.