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    What Your Jeep® Color Says About You

    Celebrating 75 years of production, the Jeep® is a quintessentially American car. Conjuring up images of adventure, off-roading, and exploration, the Jeep® gives you the freedom to go where your life takes you. A Jeep® also lets you express your individuality, coming in a range of colors. Find out what your color preference says about you:

    1. Black – Strong, Timeless, Sophisticated
    Black is the ultimate power color and never goes out of fashion. It evokes black-tie dinners and little black dresses – black declares that you are in control.

    2. Grey – Calm, Practical, Dignified
    As a more neutral color, someone who is attracted to grey is often more pragmatic and mature. They tend to plan ahead and examine all angles before making major decisions.

    3. White – Honest, Fastidious, Modern
    White is a very contemporary color, often associated with technology and luxury. Drivers of white cars can be very clear and direct, and are also comfortable being the center of attention.

    4. Blue – Introspective, Serene, Confident
    No matter the shade, blue projects an aura of tranquility. If you’re drawn to blue, you are likely reflective and practical, preferring a sense of stability over uncertainty.

    5. Red – Energetic, Extroverted, Powerful
    A red car is sure to turn heads, so their owners tend have more of a flair for exhibitionism. They have a zest for life and are fun-seekers at heart.

    6. Silver – Elegant, Distinctive, Innovative
    Silver is a cool, classy color, with a dash of the futuristic to it. People who favor silver cars are often independent-minded and appreciate a little bit of flash – though in a sophisticated manner.

    7. Brown – Down-to-Earth, Solid, Unique
    Brown naturally correlates to solidity and earthiness, exuding a sense of peace and reserve. Recently, however, it’s been making a comeback as a more unique neutral – if you don’t want a car in the more traditional colors, brown may be a practical, yet different alternative.

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    *Jeep is a registered trademark of FCA US LLC.
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