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    Wedding Bells Are In the Air!

    Love is all around us especially when hopeful partners lock eyes in February. One might be expecting a ring come Valentine's Day, making February the ideal month to start planning a wedding.

    We here at Isle Casino® Cape Girardeau have plenty of experience accommodating your dream ceremony with our sprawling Event Center, which is the home of many gorgeous weddings. Blushing brides and gallant grooms alike can benefit from our helpful hints, and we invite you to celebrate your special day on our property.

    Five Tips For Planning the Perfect Wedding

    1. Plan your guest list accordingly.
    We know you want to make everyone feel included, but too many guests can break a budget. Make a list of your closest family and friends and underneath, include acquaintances you're iffy about inviting to your wedding. Assess your wedding facility for space and narrow down your list to the most important people who you want with you when you say "I do!"

    Remember, a percentage of your guests may not show up, instruct invitees to RSVP! Make sure to include a note on your invites to tell guests if they're allowed to bring a "plus one" to the event. Keep a full bar and enough food, so everyone is satisfied.

    2. Prepare for the weather before your ceremony.
    Summer weddings can be hot and buggy, while spring ceremonies may be susceptible to rainstorms! You might want to invest in a tent for your warm weather wedding or keep everyone indoors at a banquet hall.

    Consider hiring an exterminator to protect your guests. They also will appreciate a pre-ceremony gift bag with bug repellent and paper fans to keep the heat off and enjoy the show.

    3. Organize, organize, organize!
    Keep a three-ring binder while planning your wedding, with sections for the guest list, meal plan, and the information of your vendors. Find inspiration in bridal magazines and travel periodicals and bring your binder with you when visiting vendors.

    4. Install a buddy system for dress and suit shopping.
    Don't shop for formalwear alone! After trying on countless ensembles, you're sure to feel exhausted and may settle for something less than ideal. Make a fun trip out of it by inviting a family member and an honest friend. Consult your inspiration clippings and find the perfect attire for your wedding.

    5. Take time for you and your relationship.
    Planning a wedding can be stressful and turn your relationship with your partner into a never-ending list of preparations. Make sure to keep the romance alive with special dates and happy anticipation of what's to come. Treat yourself and your wedding party to spa days and a fun bachelor or bachelorette party. Walk down the aisle to the spouse of your dreams and be sure to smile for the camera from your post-wedding bliss.

    Wedding Facilities at Isle Casino
    We at Isle Casino Cape Girardeau would love to accommodate your wedding, as well as your bridal shower, engagement party and reception! Isle Casino Cape Girardeau Event Center is located at the northwest corner of our establishment, with two separate entrances.

    Our 7,725-square-foot space can accommodate up to 500 guests and may be partitioned off in a variety of ways to allow for smaller events. Our helpful staff can assist in planning details of your wedding, like the layout of the room and preparing a menu from our extensive catering service. Please call 573-730-7607 for more information today!

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