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    The Guess Who Brings Rock and Roll to Isle Casino Cape Girardeau

    Legendary Canadian hit makers, The Guess Who, will be appearing at the Isle Casino Cape Girardeau on July 5. This will be yet another stop on the recent tour for the classic group, who are expected to perform all of their hits, many of which have become rock and roll standards. Songs such as "No Time," "Undun," "These Eyes," "Clap For The Wolfman," and the group's number one charting anthem, "American Woman," have long since become staples of classic rock radio in America.

    The latest edition of the group contains long term members Garry Peterson and Jim Kale, as well as relative newcomers Derek Sharp, Laurie MacKenzie, and Leonard Shaw. This version of the group has been together for several years now, and has appeared at sold out venues all over North America and Europe.

    The Guess Who are a long running institution in the history of rock and roll music, having gotten their start in the early 60's, just before the British Invasion that saw groups such as the Beatles and Rolling Stones dominate the charts. As it was, the group (then known as Chad Allen and the Reflections) was forced to change their sound from 50's styled R&B/pop to all out Beatles-style rock and roll.

    At around the same time, the group was compelled by legal reasons to become Chad Allen and the Expressions. They released a single version of the rock and roll standard, "Shakin' All Over", which had originally been done by Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, and was later also covered by British rockers with an oddly similar name: The Who.

    The single took off immediately, thanks to -or, perhaps, despite- an extremely odd marketing gimmick which their record label, Quality, had dreamed up in order to promote it. Instead of labeling the single with the name of the artist ("Chad Allen and the Expressions"), they instead simply listed the name of the song with the added words, "By Guess Who?" Apparently, the label felt that the single might get fans involved in a "guessing game" wherein they might come to think that the single had been released by any number of famous British musicians -perhaps even the Beatles themselves- under this handy pseudonym.

    The ploy worked, and "Shakin' All Over" became the first of several hits by the fledgling group, now known as one of the foremost groups that Canada had to offer the world. However, the end had come for Chad Allen, who was soon after replaced by Burton Cummings. With the group's "classic" later 60's lineup complete, they soon went on to sign a record contract with the American label, RCA Records. The first two albums released under this new arrangement, "Wheatfield Soul" (1968) and "Canned Wheat" (1969), became major sellers, thanks to classic chart topping singles such as "Undun," "Laughing," and "These Eyes".

    However, it was the release of the group's next album, "American Woman" that solidified the group's place in rock and roll history. The album contained three smash singles, "No Time," "No Sugar Tonight," and the extremely controversial title track. Indeed, this last track was nearly banned by many radio stations, who misheard the song's anti-war message. Still, the group soldiered on, releasing half a dozen more classic albums on the RCA label. These later albums, such as "Artificial Paradise," "Rockin'," "Road Food," and others, contained further hits such as "Bus Rider" and "Clap For The Wolfman".

    While the group disbanded in the later 1970's, they have regrouped in the 21st century, stronger than ever. The new lineup of the group has been consistently rated by critics, promoters, and fans alike as a guaranteed crowd pleaser, and has garnered rave reviews all over the world. The group's appearance at the Isle Casino is bound to please longtime fans and curious newcomers alike. Tickets are on sale now in the Gift Shop or online here.

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