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    Seafood Server Selfie

    Many people say they really love seafood, but they also say they’re addicted to selfies. Here, at Isle® Casino Cape Girardeau, we thought: Why should anyone have to choose? So we created this cool little event called the Seafood Selfie Giveaway, which combines the best of both worlds — seafood and selfies. How awesome is that? It takes place throughout the month of August.

    What’s It About?

    At the Isle, we really love for our guests to have an interactive experience. We believe guests should absolutely be included in all of the fun and Play More. Be Happy. atmosphere! While dining at our fabulous restaurants, our guests can take a picture with their server and upload it to Facebook with #seafoodtakeover. We’ve even planned ahead by including tips for taking a really great selfie. See tips below.

    How to Prepare

    We really want to make sure you’re fully prepared. So we created a list of helpful tips for taking the best selfie.

    Check Your Lighting: No matter your angle, great lighting always makes the best photographs. So before you strike a pose, be sure to position yourself in front of the light, so it hits your beautiful face and highlights all of your great features.

    Check Your Background: Observe the background around you. We know, you’ll be eating in a restaurant, so your options may be pretty limited. But this doesn’t mean you can’t find a good, clear background to take your photos. Direct your server to a solid-colored wall in the restaurant.

    Take Many: If anyone tells you they got a great selfie photo on the first shot, don’t believe them! The key to a great photo is to take many, so you have many options to choose from. It’s okay to take your time with these, after all, they’ll be posted on our Facebook page for all the world to see.

    Be Confident: This is the most important one. You must know you're the star and anyone would be lucky to take a selfie with you. Be the star of your photo!

    One of our favorite ways to celebrate the summer is with our seafood. We’ve got a variety of dining options to suit any taste and budget. Check them out below.

    Farraddays Steakhouse®: Offers a weekly three course special at just $31.99. Now that’s a steal! We have all sorts of seafood dishes, including shrimp scampi, lobster scampi, blackened shrimp and more! Try our seafood appetizers and entrees, or feel free to add a seafood item to any meal.

    Keller's®: Sometimes you just want a bucket of shrimp, and we totally get that. At Keller’s, we’re selling a bucket of shrimp for just $8.99! Eat up and enjoy.

    Farmer’s Pick Buffet®: Other times, it’s just too difficult to choose one thing, especially when it comes to seafood. Farmer’s Pick Buffet is the perfect solution. Farmer’s offers three different seafood buffet-style options (shrimp and prime rib buffet, clamcake and crab legs buffet, and steak and seafood buffet).

    The Takeover won’t last long. It’s only here for a limited time, so don’t miss out on the food and fun. Whether you like seafood or selfies, stop by Isle today!


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