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    Love Tribute Band Trivia!

    The Return, covering the biggest band of the 60’s and 70’s, who’s name makes us think of either the cute compact car or a bug, will be playing at the Isle® Casino in Cape Girardeau on April 18. Celebrate with a few facts you might not know about the Fab Four.

    The original long haired, tie wearing pop band was often pelted with food.
    After hearing that one of the band members loved Jelly Babies in an interview, fans started pelting the group with their favorite candies. One member was so tired of getting assaulted with candies while on stage, he penned a letter to a fan, asking her to stop throwing Jelly Babies at the group.

    There was a real Strawberry Field.
    The famous field in the even more-famous song was a real place (not just in Central Park) that another member used to visit as a child. He spent much of his childhood with his aunt and uncle, and near their house was an orphanage. A small field near the orphanage was where he spent much of his playtime as a child.

    They had a strange relationships with middle names.
    Two of the members don’t have middle names. One of them adopted his middle name as his first name and the other, changed it to Ono. (We bet you can guess who).

    “Yesterday” was once “Scrambled Eggs.
    One of the sweetest, saddest songs in the band’s repertoire was actually about a breakfast food at one point. A bandmate woke up one morning with one of the sweetest and best melodies he’d come up with but had no words to accompany this melody. In order to ensure he wouldn’t forget the melody, he randomly picked a few words that would help keep the tune in his head. He ended up settling on “scrambled eggs…baby, I love scrambled eggs.” Luckily the lyrics changed but the tune has stayed the same.

    The band broke up at an amusement park.
    When one member supposedly signed the document that ended the Fab Four’s careers forever, he was sitting at a desk at “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

    The Return tribute band copies everything.
    It’s not just the music and lyrics that The Return copies. They’ve watched hundreds of hours of old footage to make sure they’ve got the band’s mannerisms down to a T. Richard Stelling (a.k.a. John Lennon) even mimics Lennon’s onstage gum chewing. Since they formed in 1995, their goal has been to completely embody the essence of the greatest rock band to ever perform. If you can’t decide how far the Return’s devotion to the band extends, just ask them what they wear underneath their Sgt. Pepper kilts…

    See for yourself at the Isle Girardeau on April 18. The Return will play two shows, one at 7 p.m. and one at 9 p.m. in the Event Center. Tickets are on sale now at the Gift Shop or online for only $15. You might have missed experiencing the real thing the first time around; don’t miss them during their revival. Just promise you won’t throw candy onstage.

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