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    Isle Casino Cape Girardeau Announces Latest Promotion, 'The Big Pigout' Featuring $19.95 Three Course Meal in Farraddays

    The "Show Me State" is known for quite a few things: Major League Baseball's Cardinals and Royals, the birthplace of Harry S. Truman, and BBQ. Ah yes. BBQ! That delicious, incandescently prepared, taste of Americana loved by carnivores from all walks of life. Farraddays at Isle Casino Cape Girardeau ups the ante between now and October with a promotion called, The Big Pigout, described as "a celebration of BBQ" where guests can enjoy specials on their favorite smokes 'n grillers.

    Declaration of BBQ!
    Farraddays is offering guests who visit during the months of September and October an unbelievable deal on BBQ. This once-a-year opportunity gives BBQ lovers the chance to bask in the aura of all things sweet and savory; to satisfy those t cravings with three bounteous courses of bacon or pork (or both); to give their taste buds (and real buds) what they've been screaming for: more BBQ. 'Come-'n-git it' folks! Relax, unwind and allow their BBQ's luscious redolence take your mind to pig heaven.

    What is the Big Pigout?
    The Big Pigout is where you, your family and friends will literally eat like pigs for under $20 a pop! It's a celebration of all things BBQ where you can enjoy knockout specials on mouthwatering items, such as St. Louis Ribs drenched in Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce, and bacon. Yes. Tons and tons of bacon! Each Big Pigout comes fully equipped with Soup or Salad, Entrée, and Dessert; including three full courses of bacon or pork inspired dishes prepared by award winning smokehouse chefs. Yes! Yes! Yes!

    It really sounds like heaven! But where is it located?
    Indeed, it is pure heaven. But you don't have to scan the Universe with the Hubble telescope to find them! Farraddays is located right here on Earth, just a stone's throw from the Mississippi River inside the luxurious Isle Casino, 777 N. Main St., Cape Girardeau, MO, 63701.

    It's in a casino? That must mean there's more to do!
    Correct! Hungry card players, families and thrill seekers choose Isle Casino Cape Girardeau as their Midwest destination for food, fun and frolic. They go for the Isle's extensive selection of casino games and stay for the world-class entertainment, delicious dining choices, and enticing promotions.

    Excellent! What about reservations?
    Farraddays encourage guests to make reservations by clicking here, or by calling The Fan Club at 573-730-7777.

    Hours of operation:
    Sunday • 4:00pm – 10:00pm
    Closed Monday & Tuesday
    Wednesday & Thursday • 5:00pm – 10:00pm
    Friday & Saturday • 5:00pm – 11:00pm

    Don't Miss Out on the Big Pigout!

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