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    How to Plan a Special Day for Mother's Day

    In 1914, Mother's Day was officially added to the American calendar, but versions of the holiday have been celebrated as far back as the ancient Greeks and Romans. Today, Mother's Day means it's time to go have fun with mom to thank her for all of her love and hard work. Even if the special mom is really an aunt, wife or friend, she still deserves some special treatment on Mother's Day, and these six tips can help create a Mother's Day that won't be forgotten.

    1. Make It a Mother's Day Weekend
    Because mom is so awesome, she should have a weekend instead of a day, so plan something starting Friday night. Giving her a gift is the perfect start. Try a new tote bag with her favorite bath products to keep her comfy and help relieve some stress. You can mix and match the bath products too! Bubble bath can pair with lotion and body spray, or bar soap and foot cream can match with a loofah.

    2. Make Her Mornings Relaxing
    The next gift you can give her is a relaxing Saturday morning. Try scheduling her a massage, manicure and pedicure or a facial. Just something that helps to remind her how special she is in your life, and that she deserves the top treatment!

    3. Great Fun in One Place
    In addition to long baths and massages, that special mom, aunt or wife in your life likes good food, good music and games too! We can help you make Mother’s Day the best here at the Isle of Capri® Casino Cape Girardeau. Mother's Day weekend starts on Saturday with the Wild Women's Giveaway. In addition to a free buffet dinner ladies can register to win one of 11 designer handbags. Mom would be so thrilled to go home with a new handbag, it would make her weekend even better!

    4. All the Games She Enjoys
    After the Wild Women’s Giveaway, mom can play to her heart's desire on the games and activities throughout the casino. Whether mom prefers $5 blackjack or indulges her sense of humor on Beetlejuice® slots, she'll have unlimited access to fun. With more than 900 slots, table games, and a poker room, mom will have the time of her life here!

    5. Down Time
    After an evening of games, mom can enjoy her next gift: a comfy new pair of pajamas to wear after her luxurious bath with the products she got earlier. She'll be delightfully indulged and feeling spoiled from the attention and the busy day. As she gets into bed, she'll be thinking about how lucky she is.

    6. Awesome Food
    Bring mom back for brunch at Farmer's Pick Buffet®. No Mother's Day is complete without all of the traditional brunch items plus prime rib, steaks, and seafood. For just $25.95, every mom can brunch like a queen with fresh eggs and straight-from-the-farm produce. Plus, she won't be cooking or cleaning; after all, this is her day.

    7. Gifts That Keep Giving
    The end of brunch also means the last of mom's gifts needs to make this Mother's Day even more memorable: a card. Yes, really. This is not just any card, though. This card has mom's tickets to see The Oak Ridge Boys on Sunday, May 24th right here at the Isle®. With two shows to choose from, 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., mom will know she is going to have another great weekend. Tickets range from $30 to $75, and mom's toes will be tapping to the beats of "Elvira" and "American Made" for days after seeing The Oak Ridge Boys.

    Whether she answers to mom, auntie, granny, or wife, she'll have a memorable Mother's Day with this thoughtful gift package. The combination of useful personal items and indulgent fun time will make this a weekend to remember for years to come. How do you plan to celebrate Mother’s Day? Stop by and tell us on Facebook® or Twitter®!


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