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    How to Get Ready for Another BBQ Season

    There's no doubt about it, some of the tastiest meals come straight off the grill sizzling and hot. For the best grilling experience, get your grill cleaned up and ready to go. Learn how to prepare your gas or charcoal grill, so you're ready for National Beef Month in May.

    Firing up the Gas Grill

    Before setting a date for your first barbeque of the season, you need to make sure your grill is clean and working at optimum performance. Use this checklist to make sure you haven't forgotten or overlooked anything important.

    1. Clean off dust, debris, cobwebs and dead spiders. Run a good stiff brush over the top, sides and base of your grill to get rid of last year's dirt.

    2. Tackle the grease trap. Empty out the old grease trap and replace it with fresh aluminum foil or a new foil pan.

    3. Clean the grill grates. After checking for leaks and making necessary repairs, you can go ahead and light the grill to clean the grates. The easiest method to clean grates is to fire up the grill to high and use a wire brush to clean off the grates.

    4. Check the gas grill for leaks. Examine all the hoses for cracks or damage. Hose leaks can be detected by brushing couplings and hoses with a solution of equal parts of water and dish soap. If bubbles appear on the hoses, you've got a gas leak and should replace the hose.

    5. Verify the igniter is working properly. Push in the igniter, listen for the click, and look for the spark. If the button fails, you'll need to replace your battery by unscrewing the nut located beneath the igniter. It may also be found behind control panels in some models. A AAA battery should easily fix the problem.

    6. Lubricate all moving parts and burner knobs with silicone spray or WD-40® to keep them moving freely.

    7. Unblock clogged burner tubes. Take the grates and baffles out of the grill to make sure all burner tubes are burning properly. Start up the grill and look for flames. If some of the burner tubes are blocked, use a wire to dislodge debris.

    8. Light your grill to test that everything is functioning properly and ready for the grilling season.

    9. Make sure you start the season with a full tank of propane, and start inviting the guests.

    Preparing the Charcoal Grill for Action

    1. Hose off all parts of the grill to remove dust and grime after removing any old ashes.

    2. Look for damage, scratches and rust. If you only have small amounts of rust, you can buff it off using steel wool or a wire brush. Apply a primer and use metal paint designed for grills to repaint.

    3. Check all movable parts such as handles and wheels that may need repairs or replacing.

    4. Scrub the grates using a mild dish detergent and your grill brush.

    5. Avoid smoking grills or trouble lighting by purchasing a new bag of charcoal briquettes.

    Spruce up the Patio

    Whether you're holding a family get together or entertaining friends, make sure your patio is ready for company. Check all the outdoor lights to make sure they're working and you have plenty of comfortable seating for guests. Hosing off the patio deck, tables and chairs a few hours before the barbeque ensures that everyone has a clean spot to relax and enjoy the party.

    Treat Yourself to a Night Out!

    Although, grilling at home is one of the best ways to usher in the National Beef Month, sometimes it just doesn't work out. Too much wind or spring rains can really put a damper on grilling plans. However, if you've got a taste for beef and would enjoy a night out, you should check out our restaurants. Because we’re holding a Rounding up the Beef promotion in May!

    You've got some great options like the Farmer's Pick Buffet® every Friday and Saturday night. They've got a wonderful Steak & Prime Rib Buffet for just $19.95 that's tender and delicious.

    Farraddays® also has some amazing beef dining specials. Satisfy your craving for beef with rib eye steaks, New York strip steaks or marvelous filet mignon steaks.

    In addition, you can enjoy an outstanding meal at Keller's® or discover good prices and fine dining at The Lone Wolf® Express.

    Cleaning up and making repairs on outdoor grills only takes about 30 minutes. However, it's worth it to make sure they're safe and ready for grilling. If the weather should spoil your steak grilling plans, or you just want to enjoy an excellent steak cooked by someone else, don't forget about us for delicious beef choices and plenty of fun.

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