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    Five Best Kept BBQ Secrets

    The aroma of smoking ribs, greasy lips smacking and sticky fingers -- ain't nothing better! Before you fire up that grill, let us whisper a few little secrets in your ear that will help make that barbecue top-notch.

    1.) Always oil your grill.
    It is a sad day when the yummy seasoned exterior of that perfect cut of meat winds up stuck to the grate of your grill! This is easy to avoid! A single paper towel and a few drops of oil will do the trick. Lightly oil the paper towel and rub across the cooking area using a set of tongs. Choose oil with a high smoking temperature, such as canola. Use a dry paper towel afterwards to absorb any excess.

    2.) Pick the long tongs!
    Try to grill with tongs that are 12 inches or longer. Using the proper grilling tools can go a long way in insuring the safety of both the cook and that rack of ribs. Tongs specifically made for grilling are great because they give you plenty of room to work and will not pierce the meat. Allowing 12 inches between you and the flame will ensure that the feast gets to the plate and you stay out of the emergency room!

    3.) Always make sure your grill is at 350-370 degrees BEFORE you start cooking.
    A properly preheated grill will sear the outside of the meat quickly keeping all of those flavorful juices locked in for the duration. If your grill does not have a temperature gauge on it, you can test by placing your hand about six inches above the coals and counting "One, one thousand, two, one thousand, three". If you can keep your hand in that place comfortably for three seconds, your coals are ready! If less, your coals are too hot; if more, let them heat just a bit longer.

    4.) Trim the fat.
    While some of that delicious flavor containing fat is desirable, too much can cause a couple of problems. First, and most importantly, excessive dripping can cause the flame to get out control. In a split second, an out of control flame can have you scrambling to keep your meat from burning on the outside. Secondly, a thick layer of fat, particularly on the underside of the meat, can make it difficult for the flavor of your wood chips to absorb into the meat. Taking an extra minute to remove that unnecessary layer of fat can produce a much more flavorful end result.

    5.) Use a meat thermometer.
    It can be hard to tell when the meat is completely done. The exterior can be very deceiving. The last thing you want to do is cut into every piece and risk drying it out. Rather than risk dinner or health, go ahead and pull out the meat thermometer. Many guides are available online that will assist you in making sure the particular meat you’ve chosen has reached the optimum level of doneness. It will also help to deter "backseat grillers"!

    Now, let's get the party started! Come on in and try these hot tips in action during the Big Pigout at Isle Cape Girardeau. We’re serving up the best of the best in BBQ and it’s better than finger lickin’ good.

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