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    Dining Spotlight: Top-Notch Cuisine at Farraddays Steakhouse®

    Are you looking to turn an ordinary evening into an extraordinary one? If so, consider visiting Farraddays Steakhouse!

    Located at the Isle Casino® in Cape Girardeau, Farraddays Steakhouse has acquired a reputation for being one of the best restaurants in town. The steakhouse's masterful culinary team regularly whips up delicious dishes ranging from lobster scampi to smoked Gouda macaroni and cheese. With an incredible head chef, a versatile menu, and casino entertainment just steps away, a night spent at Farraddays Steakhouse is guaranteed to be a great one.

    Farraddays Steakhouse offers visitors a tantalizing array of entrees to choose from, ranging from mouth-watering prime rib to refreshing farmer's pasta. Though many customers choose to celebrate holidays and birthdays at Farraddays Steakhouse, it is truly an excellent choice for informal dinners as well. Open Wednesday through Sunday each week, the steakhouse is a great place to indulge in delectable meals on weeknights as well as weekends.

    The incredible cooking of Chef Ray Leung is a large part of what makes Farraddays Steakhouse so unique. Leung's cuisine is as visually stunning as it is delicious. Trained as a graphic artist, Leung has always had an eye for the aesthetically beautiful. During his college years, he gained experience cooking at his uncle's restaurant in his home state of Hawaii, leading him to discover his passion for cooking.

    Leung has since established himself as a leader in the world of haute cuisine. Certified as a wok chef in Japan, Leung, who today goes by "Chef Ray," has created edible masterpieces in locations all around the world. Chef Ray gained experience at half a dozen casinos and resorts before ultimately settling down at Isle of Capri Casino in Cape Girardeau. Along the way, he has served thousands of customers in cities ranging from St. Louis to San Diego.

    Chef Ray has even served a number of high-profile celebrities, including Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers®. For the premiere of the film Gone Girl, which was filmed in Cape Girardeau, Chef Ray and his staff even prepared edible Oscar® statuettes. In ways such as this, Leung and his staff are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible. As the chef himself says, "Everybody’s career starts from somebody else’s experience." Chef Ray continues to challenge his staff to create a fresh and unique dining experience that is unlike eating anywhere else in the world.

    Under Chef Ray's leadership, the steakhouse is growing more popular than ever before. As executive chef, Leung oversees all of the restaurants at the casino, including The Lone Wolf®, Keller's® and Farmer's Pick Buffet®. Ray keeps busy monitoring a staff of more than sixty employees and training new workers. Above all, Chef Ray seeks to inspire his staff members to be creative, thoughtful and conscientious. It is this diligence and dedication to his job that has made this such a truly great place to dine.

    The vibe at Farraddays Steakhouse is equal parts classy and subdued. Though the cuisine is always top notch, it's far from being exorbitantly priced. A delectable roasted prime rib dip sandwich, for instance, costs only $12! The entree comes with a side dish, too, offering diners the chance to enjoy mouth-watering grilled asparagus, savory sautéed mushrooms or another side dish of their choice. Though the food might be classified as haute cuisine, the establishment's ingredients are local, adding a touch of modesty to the restaurant's personality. The steakhouse offers diners a casual and relaxed dining atmosphere as well, making it a great place to eat with the entire family.

    Farraddays Steakhouse truly offers customers the best of both worlds. Diners rave that the restaurant's manager is always attentive and checks up on diners during their meals. The steakhouse is truly customer-oriented, listening to diners' remarks and taking them into account. The steakhouse strives to offer a variety of ever-changing specials as well, keeping the menu perpetually fresh while retaining popular menu favorites such as rib eyes and New York-style cheesecake. Despite its name, the steakhouse even offers a delicious vegetarian option. The angel hair pasta dish is topped with asparagus, baby carrots, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, squash and baby beets, making it as delicious as it is healthy.

    Whether you're looking to impress a date or are simply searching for a new family dining option, Farraddays Steakhouse is the place to go. Visit this excellent steakhouse at the Isle of Capri Casino in Cape Girardeau for your next dinner out. You are guaranteed to be glad that you did.
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