• Cook It Fast, Cook It Right: Tips for Grilling Seafood

    It’s a fact of life that people can be uneasy around fish in the kitchen and during cook-outs. The scales and the bones can make the home chef uncomfortable. But grilling fish isn't as difficult as you may think. The Isle® would like to offer a few tips so you can enjoy cooking your own favorite seafood meals at home!

    The Basics of Fish

    First things first: If you’re tempted to fillet a whole fish yourself, you may want to rethink that idea. Unless you’re planning to become a true seafood expert, it’s probably not worth the effort. Start with a fresh (or as fresh as you can get it) cut, and think simple. Fillets fall apart fairly easily, so you may want to try a steak if you’re new at this.

    A fish steak may take slightly longer because of the thickness, but it’s still a relatively easy meal. Use oil on both sides, throw it on the grill and leave it alone for just a few minutes until the fish gets the right sear on each side. A cooked fish will be the same color throughout, and you shouldn't see any translucence at all. If you do work with a fillet, then you’ll have to be extra careful because it can become overdone quickly. You should be able to flake the fish easily with a fork once it’s done. Aim to get a piece which has the same thickness throughout, be ready to watch it like a hawk, and turn it over with extreme care.

    Creative Techniques for Seafood

    When you have smaller morsels from the sea, then try kabobs. Skewers don’t just make your meal more fun to eat, they also keep everything together and cooking evenly, since you can turn everything over at one time. Slide on scallops, oysters and shrimp and grill them up fast over an open flame. Eat as is, or pull off and toss with pasta, butter and herbs for a delicious dinner.

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