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    Celebrate Beer at Isle Casino Cape Girardeau!

    We're huge fans of beer here at Isle Casino Cape Girardeau. This delicious adult beverage goes great with a tasty meal, especially one at Keller’s® on our rooftop!

    We've teamed up with Urban Chestnut Brewing Company for a fantastic beer dinner at Keller's. We offer a menu of five craft beers that are great for celebrating springtime. Let us tell you a bit about the beers you can expect with dinner and why they're so special.

    Beer Divergency at UCBC

    Missouri's own Urban Chestnut Brewing Company is known for a special beer divergency craftsmanship. This method could be described as an "old school meets new school" way of brewing.
    UCBC presents a spectacular tour through Europe and America with an exclusive selection of beers. We at Isle Casino Cape Girardeau and Keller's are happy to present the best of both worlds at your dinner!

    The Revolution Series
    The revolution series at Urban Chestnut celebrates urban cities such as Boston, Seattle, and UCBC's home of St. Louis. The Revolution series takes influence from these cities' artisanal communities and their resident's enthusiasm for modern craft beer. Keller's is proud to have two Revolution beers to go with your meal.

    1. Winged Nut
    The Winged Nut is a dark ale that the company affectionately refers to as an "unusual little bird." The Winged Nut is crafted with milled chestnuts, Willamette hops, and fermented with a Bavarian Weissbier yeast strain. This beer is nutty in taste to pair well with a cheese plate.

    2. STLIPA
    STLIPA is an acronym for St. Louis India Pale Ale and this Double IPA is definitely as diverse as the city it's named after! This hoppy and bitter beer is light copper in color and eight percent in alcohol. Double IPAs are known to taste great with barbecue and grilled meats to bring out the flavor of both.

    The Reverence Series
    The reverence series is a European-inspired and chestnut infused collection from UCBC's German born brewmaster, Florian Kuplent. This series is said to symbolize the heritage and tradition of beer since European brewers protect their beer cellars under a chestnut tree. Keller's Beer Dinner presents three tasty brews from the Reverence series.

    1. Zwickel
    The Zwickel is a golden Bavarian style lager with a naturally cloudy appearance. This is a smooth drinking beer with vitamin-rich yeast. The Zwickel features three different types of European malts and a subtle bitter taste that pairs excellently with spicy food.

    2. Schnickelfritz
    The Schnickelfritz is a yeasty brew with strong fruity notes. Drinkers may be able to taste hints of banana, clove and vanilla. This beer goes great with lean meats and a sweet dessert.

    3. Harwood Myth
    This beer is an English brown porter, meaning that it's mildly bitter with a slight cocoa taste. The Harwood Myth is rounded and comes alive with a roasted malt flavor. The porter is said to be delectable with roasted meats, rich stews and smoked poultry.

    Keller’s Beer Dinner
    Enjoy these five brews and more at Keller's Beer Dinner on Wednesday April 6 at 6:30 p.m. We're serving an excellent five-course meal with the perfect pairing of seasonal craft beers. Tickets are just $40* a person!

    Join us for a true Missouri party at Isle Casino Cape Girardeau. We can't wait to drink and dine with you.

    *Disclaimer: All sales are final and tickets are non-refundable. Must be 21 or older to attend.


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