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    Best Tip for Easy Peasy Holiday Dinners!

    Farmer's Pick Buffet® Offering Holiday-to-go Package at Isle Casino® Cape Girardeau

    The holidays are fast approaching, and this has some people wondering how they are going to survive the hustle and bustle! Catering for friends and family can turn into quite the task when you have a busy schedule! Thankfully, the Farmer's Pick Buffet® at the Isle Casino® Cape Girardeau has just what families and holiday entertainers are looking for! We have your holiday dinner… to go! The best part of it all… this whole holiday meal is only $60!

    Holiday-to-go Package
    The Holiday-to-go Package is a $60 meal (not including gratuity or tax) big enough to serve four to five people. It is a very popular order, so call and place yours at least seven days in advance before pickup.

    Find out what you’ll be getting with your meal!
    • Moist, sliced turkey with gravy
    • Tender sliced, glazed ham
    • Creamy mashed potatoes and gravy
    • Traditionally seasoned bread stuffing
    • Fresh cranberry relish salad
    • Green bean casserole
    • Buttered corn
    • Flaky buttered rolls

    As an added bonus, your meal also comes with a desert! When you call to order, we will ask you to make a very tough decision… do you want either a pecan or pumpkin pie? These delicious deserts are the perfect ending to a perfect meal!

    Traditional Favorites
    The ingredients in the Holiday-to-go Package have been hand selected by the restaurant's top chefs to create a traditional holiday meal that family and friends will not soon forget. Creating a traditional holiday meal goes way beyond just offering turkey, gravy and pie. A traditional meal also needs some holiday favorites, like fresh cranberry relish!

    About the Farmer's Pick Buffet
    The Farmer's Pick Buffet is one of the many featured restaurants at Isle Casino Cape Girardeau. The key to the success of the Farmer's Pick Buffet is the fresh ingredients that the restaurant uses, chosen from local businesses and farmers. These fresh and sometimes seasonal ingredients are turned into dishes that are cooked to perfection by Farmer's Pick Buffet's chefs.

    In Case You’re Hungry for More
    Learn a bit about our other restaurants and plan a holiday outing for the family.
    • Farmer's Pick Buffet – Serves only the freshest ingredients grown by local farmers
    • Farradday's® Restaurant – offers a menu inspired by local ingredients in a casual yet sophisticated atmosphere.
    • Keller's® – pairs drinks and food with stunning views of the Mississippi River.
    • The Lone Wolf® – offers great food, even late at night to give gamers the fuel they need to keep on playing.

    People who are looking for a great way to impress their guests this holiday season, can't go wrong with the Holiday-to-go Package from the Farmer's Pick Buffet. The meal is not only affordable but also offers a traditional holiday meal without the need to slave over the stove all day. Anyone who wants to enjoy this great $60-deal needs to act fast to ensure that they lock in their package!


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