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    Aaron Tippin Keeps on Truckin' - and Singing

    Singer-songwriter Aaron Tippin broke into the country top ten with "You've Got to Stand for Something," a rousing patriotic anthem made popular during the first Gulf War in 1991. Originally from Travelers Rest, South Carolina, Tippin moved to Nashville during the 1980s to try his hand at songwriting for Charley Pride, The Kingsmen, Mark Collie, and other acts. The country music profession can be a long and difficult road. Tippin kept his day job until the early 1990s, when he released his first album, started playing Nashville clubs and landed a recording contract with RCA.

    Growing up on a South Carolina farm, Aaron Tippin relieved the long working hours by singing, songwriting and learning to play the guitar. Following in his dad's footsteps, he gained a pilot's license at the age of 15 and was working as a professional pilot by the time he was 20 years old. As the aviation industry struggled, he turned to the honky tonk circuit to make a living, while holding down jobs as a truck driver and factory laborer. In the mid-1980s he took the leap to Nashville, the country music capital, where he broke in as a staff songwriter and scored with a Charley Pride hit, "Whole Lotta Love on the Line." Tippin's catchy songs and demo tapes finally got someone interested at RCA Records, Nashville.

    After the release of "You've Got to Stand for Something," Tippin landed an invitation from Bob Hope to join a USO tour in the Persian Gulf region. The singer saw several more of his songs break up the country charts, including "There Aint' Nothin' Wrong with the Radio," "I was Born with a Broken Heart" and "My Blue Angel." Three tunes from his third album, Call of the Wild, made the country top 40 and the slow ballad "That's as Close as I'll Get to Loving You" from his fifth album, Tool Box, hit number one.

    With the new millennium came more hits from Tippin, who collaborated with his wife Thea on the hit "Kiss This." The song led off People Like Us, his third album for Lyric Street Records. The success of the Lyric Street albums encouraged Tippin to venture into his own record label, Nippit Records, which he formed in 2006. From the Nippit album Now and Then, came the chart-breakers "Ready to Rock" and "He Believed." In 2009, he recorded Overdrive, a collection of truck-driving songs that drew on his over-the-road experience.

    Tippin's twangy baritone flavors his signature anthems, ballads and up-tempo honky tonk tunes. He's best known for rousing songs that are inspired by a love of country and memories of the hardscrabble, working-class existence that provided a wealth of memories and song material. There's much more to Aaron Tippin than a musical talent, country music stardom and a flair for songwriting. Back home in Dowelltown, Tennessee, he owns Aaron Tippin Firearms, a hunting supply store with locations in the Volunteer State and North Carolina. Tippin has achieved multiple commercial ratings with the FAA and is also a skilled helicopter pilot, flight instructor and airplane mechanic. His website AaronTippin.com also mentions a variety of other worthy and interesting occupations, including winemaker, bodybuilder, farmer and devoted family man.

    A versatile performer, Aaron Tippin never forgets his small-town roots. His busy concert schedule through 2014 will bring Tippin to center stage at Isle Casino Cape Girardeau on August 31. Catch a show at 6:00pm or 8:00pm in the Event Center. Tickets are on sale now for $25, in the Gift Shop or on the Isle Cape Girardeau website here.

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