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    5 Strange Superstitions from Around the World

    People often come up with ideas about what will bring them good or bad luck, like black cats or a four-leaf clover. US residents aren’t the only ones to have superstitions. In fact, people all over the world trust in unique and unusual items or rituals to bring them good luck or avoid bad luck. Here are five of the strangest superstitions.

    1. Rwanda

    In this country, women aren’t supposed to eat goat meat because they will end up with facial hair. So, while men may enjoy the flavorful food, women will have to find another meat for their dinner.

    2. Britain

    Back in ancient times, women in Great Britain carried acorns in a pocket to keep them looking young. The oak tree was revered for what people believed was the ability to ward off sickness and to help people live longer. Since the oak tree also lives for many decades and even centuries, it is no wonder people thought it could lengthen their lives.

    3. Denmark

    Broken dishes are never thrown away in Denmark. Instead, they are saved throughout the year. On New Year’s Eve, they are thrown at the home of a friend or family to bring good fortune. The more broken dishes one has, the better their luck will be.

    4. Sweden

    Driving through the city streets in Sweden can be challenging if you want fame and romance in your life. Manhole covers are marked by a K for fresh water and A for sewage. Swedes believe that the K signifies love and A means broken love. The future of love is believed to be determined by how many of each cover they drive over, so it’s no surprise to find the villagers look for the best routes to guarantee them love and happiness.

    5. Spain

    In Spain, people choose to eat grapes rather than kiss at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. It is believed that if you eat 12 grapes before 12:01, you’ll have good luck for the next 12 months. The kiss can be saved until later.

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