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    5 Reasons to be Happy Halloween is Over

    Now that November has arrived, it’s time to put away your costumes and spooky decorations for another 11 months. Don’t be bummed that another holiday has come and gone because there are plenty of reasons to be happy Halloween is over!

    1. No more stress about finding that perfect costume

    As fun as it can be to dress up, Halloween festivities can mean the unnecessary stress of finding the perfect costume. The dilemma is always the same: You don’t want to wear the same costume you’ve worn the past three years, but putting something together from scratch sounds exhausting. You don’t want to show up dressed as the same thing as half the other party-goers so your costume has to be unique. But it also has to be recognizable so you don’t want to have to answer the dreaded question of, “What are you?”. Making your own costume is so much work, but buying off the store shelves can be eye-wateringly expensive! Now that Halloween is over, say goodbye to costume stress – at least for another 11 months!

    2. Say goodbye to candy temptations

    If you have any inkling of a sweet tooth, you’ll be glad this candy-centered holiday is over! From the cute Halloween cupcakes at work parties to those pesky bowls of candy corn that seem to follow you wherever you go, your sweet cravings will be put at bay for a while. But remember that the season of Christmas cookies is fast approaching, with a whole new set of sweet temptations that’ll beg you to give in!

    3. No more spooky surprises

    There is no other holiday where it’s acceptable to decorate with spiders and blood. And frankly, seeing the spooky décor getting packed into boxes that won’t be opened until next year is a welcomed sight. After October has passed, you won’t have to worry about walking into fake spider webs and you won’t turn on the television to gore and guts.

    4. Your social media newsfeed won’t be clogged up with costumes

    The weeks leading up to Halloween have your newsfeed clogged up with pictures of costumes. Now that Halloween has come and gone, say goodbye to the political candidate costumes and dogs dressed up as food. Oh, and let’s not get started on those sexy costumes. After seeing one too many risqué crayons and sexy nurses plastering your social media, you’ll be happy to see those pictures replaced with more weather-appropriate garb, like sweaters and scarfs.

    5. Thanksgiving and Christmas are on their way

    With cute little trick-or-treaters and an excuse to eat all the pumpkin you can, there’s no denying that Halloween is a fun holiday. But think about all that you have to look forward to! Soon you’ll be carving a Thanksgiving turkey and seeing beautifully decorated trees on every corner. And not long after, you’ll be celebrating the beginning of a new year. With the approaching holidays to think about, you simply won’t have much time to miss Halloween!

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