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    5 Little Known Narvel Felts Facts

    You may know Narvel Felts as the singer for some of your favorite country songs, a performer whose career has spanned decades. However, you may not know everything about this country singer. Here is a look at five little-known facts about this singer of some of the best country songs from the past.

    1. Narvel Won a High School Talent Contest to Begin His Career

    After teaching himself to play guitar, Narvel entered a high-school talent contest and won with his version of Blue Suede Shoes. A DJ saw the show and announced on-air that he wanted to meet the teen singer. Narvel and his dad had to drive eight miles to get to a phone. He soon had his own Saturday afternoon radio show.

    2. Narvel is Not His Real First Name

    Narvel is actually Albert Narvel Felts and he was born November 11, 1938. He has always been known by Narvel in the music industry even from his early beginnings in bands.

    3. Narvel was Born in Arkansas

    Though many consider his hometown to be Bernie, Missouri, which is where he was discovered in the local high school, Narvel Felts was actually born in Keiser, Arkansas. He grew up in Bernie and both towns are proud to claim him.

    4. Some of His Biggest Hits were Remakes

    Narvel’s unique sound allowed him to achieve success with remakes. One of his first hits was Honey Love, which was a remake of the Drifters. He also covered Drift Away by Dobie Gray, which made it to number 8 on the Billboard Magazine Hot Country Singles in September 1973. His biggest song, Reconsider Me, was also a remake, this time of Johnny Adams. He covered Funny How Time Slips Away by Willie Nelson and Lonely Teardrops.

    5. Narvel also Recorded Gospel Music

    In the 1980’s, Narvel began recording gospel music with two albums, including a Christmas record, before he retired in 1988.

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