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    5 Commonly Broken New Year's Resolutions

    As the old year leaves and the New Year enters, thoughts turn to what can make this year different from the rest. Statistics show that almost half of Americans make resolutions on January 1st. The majority of them will break those same resolutions before January 31st. Some resolutions seem to be more difficult to keep than others.

    1. Lose Weight

    One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight. In fact, studies show about 25 percent of people who participate include this one. Unfortunately, the majority lose motivation even before the month is out. As the weeks go by and spring arrives, many of those who vowed to lose weight have given up.

    2. Exercise

    Even if you don’t need to lose weight, chances are pretty good you want to get in better shape and be more active. It doesn’t matter your reason to get active, it seems the majority who make this resolution fail to keep it for long. The gym membership soon goes unused as people find other ways to occupy their time.

    3. Stop Smoking or Drinking

    The goal to get healthy continues to dominate New Year’s resolutions as people vow to give up their favorite vices – smoking or drinking. While many may start out with enthusiasm on this journey, it soon wanes as temptation takes over. Studies show that only about 10 percent stick with it for more than six months.

    4. Find a New Job

    Improving your life in other ways is another goal for many people who choose to make a resolution. One way to accomplish this is by switching jobs. While they may have good intentions, it appears very few of them do more than send out a few resumes.

    5. Get Out of Debt or Save Money

    Financial independence seems to be another area of focus as the New Year rolls around. Having more money seems to be a good way to change a person’s life, but they have difficulty following through. For many, it is the problem that they never come up with a good plan on how to succeed at this goal.

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