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    5 Best Views of the Mississippi River

    The mighty Mississippi River. One of the longest and largest rivers in the world, its embankments are also some of the most fertile land in the United States—and the vistas some of the most spectacular. Here is our list of the five best views along the Mississippi River:

    1. Ted Shanks Conservation Area; between Louisiana and Hannibal, MO
    Are hunting and fishing your speed? The Ted Shanks Conservation Area at the mouth of the Salt River is a 6,705-acre preserve with 8.75 miles of scenic Mississippi River frontage and a large wildlife population. Bald eagles also live in the park and are most visible in late fall and winter.

    2. Clarence Cannon National Wildlife Refuge; Annada, MO
    Covering 3,750 acres of floodplain, the Clarence Cannon National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1968 as a preserve for migratory birds. Over 300 species visit the refuge every year to feed and rest during their journey. Spring and fall are particularly good seasons to visit and see the vast diversity of wildlife the refuge protects while admiring the beauty of the Mississippi River.

    3. Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary/Confluence Point State Park; West Alton, MO
    Just upriver from the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers lies the Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary. With over 8.5 miles of trail featuring both viewing platforms and bird blinds, the sanctuary provides an unparalleled bird watching experience. While you're in the area, check out Edward "Ted" and Pat Jones Confluence Point State Park, where you can see these two powerful rivers converge in a truly remarkable display of nature.

    4. Tower Rock Natural Area; Altenburg, MO
    Described by Mark Twain in "Life on the Mississippi" as "a huge squat pillar of rock, which stands up out of the water on the Missouri side of the river—a piece of nature's fanciful handiwork—and is one of the most picturesque features of the scenery of that region," Tower Rock is one of the most beautiful sights along the Mississippi River. You can hike along the shore to admire Tower Rock, or there is a short trail that leads to an overlook.

    5. Keller's®, Isle® Casino Cape Girardeau; Cape Girardeau County, MO
    When you're tired of hiking the trails, you can still admire the majesty of the Mississippi River while relaxing in Keller's panoramic river-view setting. Classic steak and seafood offerings from the kitchen of Farraddays® can be enjoyed at Keller's, where every seat is a front-row window onto the Mississippi. On Sundays from 4-9 p.m., enjoy Dinner with a View, featuring entrees such as petit New York strip steak and fresh Maine lobster tail, St. Louis ribs and flame-broiled BBQ salmon. A perfect way to sit back, relax, and enjoy the iconic Mississippi River.

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