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    10 Reasons Summer is the Best Season Ever

    There are so many reasons why summer is the best of the four seasons. If you’re not sure you agree with this view, read on to be convinced why you should celebrate when summer comes around.

    1. Vacation – summer is when your schedule winds down making it the perfect time to look over your long list of places you’d like to visit.

    2. Long days – you can get so much more done when the days stay light longer, or you can find more time to be outside in the daylight.

    3. Warm weather – no more putting on layers of clothes to keep warm. You can head outside in whatever you’re wearing. Bonus – there’s no shoveling of snow to get out of the driveway.

    4. Festivals and fairs – even if you don’t go on a traditional vacation, you’ll find a lot of fun outdoor events close to home. There’s music festivals, craft festivals, county and state fairs – all with plenty of delicious foods and fun activities for your weekends.

    5. Swimming – those hot days are perfect for spending time in the water. Whether you like to swim or just lay out by the pool, the warm weather gives you an excuse to take the afternoon off.

    6. Ice cream – while you can eat ice cream any time of the year, you just don’t appreciate those fabulous flavors as much any other time of the year. Cool down with a cool treat all summer long.

    7. Backyard BBQs – there’s no more relaxing way to entertain friends than with a BBQ. You can hang out and enjoy the delicious taste of your favorite marinade or sauce along with a few outdoor games.

    8. Spending time outdoors – warm weather gives you plenty of opportunities to go hiking, horseback riding, playing sports or other fun outdoor activities.

    9. Summer movies – when it gets too hot to be outdoors, head inside for the latest summer film. There’s always plenty to choose from to fill a few hours.

    10. Fresh food – watermelon, strawberries, peaches, cherries… the list goes on. Fruit in its peak season is unlike any other. You can find yourself craving these sweet summer flavors year round.

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