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    10 Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

    Holiday gift giving is in full swing! While you’re making your list and possibly even checking it twice, don’t feel bad if you miss someone along the way. Whether you’ve overestimated your shopping window or flat-out forgotten someone, don't worry — it happens. When you don’t have the luxury of time on your side, choices are definitely more limited. Luckily our options are never truly exhausted, even at the eleventh hour.

    Before you succumb to re-gifting last year’s crockpot tucked away in the closet, we’ve got your complete cheat sheet to last-minute holiday shopping. This list is sure to have something to please even the pickiest of those left on your list. Most of these items can be purchased day-of and, as an added bonus, each of these gifts can be kept under $50, so you’re not stuck breaking the bank.

    1. Gift a prepaid subscription box: Give a gift that keeps on giving (for a few months at least): Nowadays there’s basically a subscription box for anything, and most have a gifting option to prepay for a selected amount of time. Whether it’s a makeup and beauty kit or dollar shave-club subscription, there’s something out there for everyone.
    2. Gift a “Where I’ve Been” scratch travel map: A perfect gift for the traveler or aspiring traveler, this map charts globetrotting in a fun and innovative way. These maps can easily be found online or in quirky home goods stores.
    3. Gift books or e-books: E-books are cheap, easy to give and download instantly. You can also give a gift card, to make it a bit more personalized, and add a list of books you like and think your recipient might as well.
    4. Gift a bottle of liquor and all of the mixings: Lift your recipient’s spirits with spirits! This is a nice present for someone who has everything. If you know their drink of choice, throw in all of the mixings so their bar will be stocked for the next time they need to unwind after a long day.
    5. Gift an at-home beer brewing or winemaking kit: This gift is perfect for anyone who likes to get hands-on. These at-home kits have easy to follow instructions and are equipped with everything necessary to make delicious (fingers crossed) drinks that are typically ready in 4-6 weeks.
    6. Gift classic DVDs: If you’re shopping for a movie buff, find some of the “classics” to add to his or her collection. Many of the older movies can be found in the bargain bins for ridiculously low prices.
    7. Gift a plant: A live plant is a fun idea because of the seasonal selections available and because many are so simple to take care of. Plants brighten any home, which will be much appreciated around the holidays when family and friends are often visiting more than usual. This is perfect for the green thumb of the group.
    8. Gift a “Practical Pack”: Find a stylish basket and fill it with “essentials” which you know the giftee will be buying for himself or herself in the future. Soaps, lotions, and their favorite candy are all great additions. If you’re not too crunched for time, make it a themed basket!
    9. Gift something homemade: Constructing something with your own hands and time can be so much more meaningful as a gift. If you’re drawing a blank, Pinterest has thousands of creative ideas which are surprisingly simple to accomplish. If you’re not feeling super crafty yourself, check out sites such as Etsy, which features homemade gifts from artisans around the world.
    10. Gift an experience: Rather than gifting a generic gift card, consider a gift certificate to a local venue or activity. This is perfect for someone who enjoys a night out from time to time or someone who would typically never splurge on such activities themselves. Gift certificates to the local movie theater, a local restaurant, or the casino would all be great options. Who knows, you may be lucky enough to get the invite to tag along!

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