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    10 Fun Things To Do This Summer

    June 30, 2017
    Summer is finally here, but don't wait to enjoy it...it'll be gone before you know it! We're not trying to be downers, but the season is fleeting, and we want to make sure that you make the most of those sunny summer days. We've put together some fun summer activities that you should add to your summer bucket list. Planning ahead will ensure you enjoy the season!

    1. Start an herb garden

    Summer salads are made even better with fresh herbs sprinkled on top. And do you know what’s even better than that? Using herbs you grew yourself in your very own garden. You don’t need to have much outdoor space to plant some cilantro, basil, rosemary and thyme. Get ready to make some delicious caprese salads filled with basil and cilantro-topped guacamole!

    2. Have a picnic

    Take advantage of the nice weather and bring your meals outside. Whether you spread out a blanket in your own backyard, or your plan a visit to the most beautiful park in the vicinity – just get out there! Don’t forget a bottle of white wine (and a corkscrew)!

    3. Go camping

    Get acquainted with the great outdoors this summer by planning a camping trip. Don’t forget the bug spray and fixings for s’mores!

    4. Go on a road trip

    You don’t need to cross the country to take a road trip. Heck, you don’t even have to leave your state. Just find something worthy of a little getaway – like a waterfall, a county fair or a special hike – and make the journey! Roll down the windows, blast the tunes and make some memories!

    5. Stargaze from a hammock

    On a clear evening, set up a hammock in your yard or a local park and watch the sunset. Don’t go inside after dark, though. Stay out and enjoy the breeze, the stars and fireflies. Take it all in, because you won’t be able to do this in a couple months!

    6. See a drive-in movie

    For an ultimate throwback, catch a movie at a drive-in theater. These establishments are making something of a comeback, so bring on the nostalgia and catch the latest blockbuster from your car!

    7. Host a barbecue

    Summer is the season to fire up that grill! Invite friends or family over for a night of burgers, corn on the cob and conversation. And if you want to score host points, serve cocktails inside carved-out pineapples and coconuts for a special touch!

    8. Ride a rollercoaster

    For an adrenaline rush, head to an amusement park and ride the tallest coaster! Put your hands up and don’t hold back your screams!

    9. Go to a pool party

    Cool down on a hot day at the pool. Go to a local waterpark or convince your friend with a pool to host a little gathering. For the best time, lather up that SPF and sip a fruity drink!

    10. Catch live music outside

    Live music is fun any time of year, but watching musicians perform outside is extra special! Be sure to add live outdoor music to your summer bucket list, and we’ll help you cross it off! With live music on the weekends during the month of July, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get your jam on. Listen to some spectacular musicians while enjoying the great weather, delicious drinks and food at Keller’s® rooftop bar!

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