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    10 Best DIY Renovation Ideas

    There’s something satisfying about completing home improvement projects yourself. Done right, you’ll improve the look—and possibly even the value—of your place. Of course, some projects might be a bit much for the amateur; not every home renovation is as easy as the TV shows would have us believe. The following projects are relatively inexpensive, and easy to do over a weekend, even for the most amateur DIYer.

    1. Make Your Entry More Inviting

    Coming home each day is nicer when you have a fantastic-looking entry area. It doesn’t take much to ramp up your curb appeal, either. Add a new door or just paint your existing one. Hang a stylish wreath. Instead of a plain mat, use a patterned outdoor rug. Add some greenery to liven up a porch or entrance. Try some window boxes or hanging planters if you don’t have any space for potted plants.

    2. Paint Something. Anything.

    Few things can completely change the look and feel of a space like a fresh coat of paint. Play around with ideas until you settle on a color that works for you. There’s nothing wrong with following trends, but don’t do something dramatic just because it’s the designer thing of the moment. Fads come and go, so make sure you actually like it. (Neutral walls with white trim is usually a safe bet if you want to update your interior without doing anything too drastic). Painting cabinets, railings and other woodwork in your home is a great way to make it look like you got new stuff without actually getting new stuff.

    3. Update Your Hardware

    Putting new pulls on your cabinets and drawers gives any room an instant makeover (especially if said cabinets and drawers just got a fresh coat of paint). Replacing old door knobs, faucets, and other fixtures around the house is generally a cheap and easy way to breathe new life into old decor.

    4. Treat Your Windows to Something Nice

    Putting up new window treatments provides a quick style update to any space. Use floor-length curtains to make a room look more elegant. Install a decorative rod to complete the look. Outside, consider putting in shutters to add interest to your exterior. Awnings can create visual appeal while making your home more energy efficient.

    5. Make a (Back) Splash

    Adding a decorative backsplash is one of the easiest ways to infuse some personality and style into your kitchen without spending a lot of money. From ornate floral patterns to sleek white subway tiles, there is no shortage of backsplash designs to choose from. Backsplash is even an option for renters, commitment-phobes, and home reno scaredy-cats since there are removable peel-and-stick varieties available that look just like the real deal.

    6. Refinish Old Furniture

    You can bring outdated furniture into the modern age with some creative upcycling. No need to buy a brand new piece, just re-do something you already have, or find a diamond-in-the-rough at a yard sale or thrift store. Strip it down, sand it, and put on a fresh coat of paint or stain. Make it your own by trying out a cool technique like distressing or lace-painting.

    7. Refresh Your Bathtub

    Most tubs and showers can be brought back to near-pristine condition with the right products and a bit of hard work. Use a pumice stone to scrape away all the gunk, stains, and mineral buildup on the tub. Next, scrub the tub and surround with an abrasive cleanser and rinse. Finally spray it all down with a bleach cleaner. After following the manufacturer’s instructions for sit-time and rinsing, let the surfaces dry completely. Replace any missing grout or caulk and allow it to cure before enjoying a soak in your luxuriously clean tub.

    8. Update Lighting

    Few things can make as dramatic an impact on the look and feel of a space as lighting. If you can’t spring for new light fixtures to be installed, paint an old one and add interesting bulbs (or create your own fixture altogether if you’re feeling especially crafty). Something as simple as switching out a lampshade or putting a few solar lanterns along an outdoor path can change the whole aesthetic of an area.

    9. Create a Gallery Wall

    Putting together a gallery wall is a fun and easy way to dress up and personalize your home. Start by gathering similar frames together. One popular method is to choose one color or material (such as silver or wood) but use different sizes, shapes, and textures. You can also paint them all to match. Add family pictures or art prints you like to the frames, and throw in a few other interesting objects—like mirrors, giant letters, or trinkets—to break up the pictures if you want.

    10. Organize Your Closet

    Professional closet organizers charge a small fortune, and for good reason. Being organized helps you keep your life running smoothly and most people feel less stressed-out when their surroundings are clean and organized. You can skip the high price tag, and redo your closet yourself. Purchase a ready-made kit or cobble something together yourself. Install shelving if you’re handy with a screw gun or just get yourself some nice looking bins, a shoe rack, an over-the-door organizer, and have fun creating new spaces for your stuff.

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